Chojun Miyagi ( April 25, 1888 – October 8, 1953)

At 14 years old, studied Naha-te under Ryulo Aragaki and Kanryo Higaonna.

1930; founder of the Okinawan Goju-ryu system, blending Okinawan and Chinese influences.

1910-1912; served in the Japanese military in Miyakono, Miyazaki.

1915; traveled to Fuijan Province, China to visit the grave of Ryu Ryu Ko who was Higaonna’s teacher and eventually make a second trip to Foochow where he studied several Chinese martial arts.

1930; incorporated the Chinese arts with Naha-te and formed the system he called Goju-ryu meaning “hard soft style”. This name comes from a line found in Bubishi’s Hakku Kempo, “Ho wa Goju wo tundo su” when translated means, ” the way of breathing is hard and soft”. Sanchin and Tensho katas would embody the hard and soft aspects of his newly named style.

1940; created the Geki-sai Dai Ichi and Geki dai Ni kata said to bridge the gap between Sanchin and Saifa katas.

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