Tenchi Karate Will Be Open Thursday 2/21/19 and for the remainder of the week for all regularly scheduled classes!


Aiden & Tony Fricano proudly represented Tenchi Karate on Sunday, February 3rd at the Brooke’s Karate 25th Annual CNY Friendship Tournament in W. Winfield, NY.  Aiden competed in the Beginner’s Kata & Kumite Divisions and took home Silver & Bronze medals respectively.  His father, Tony, competed in the Adult Beginner’s Division and was awarded Bronze in Kata & Silver in Kumite.  Congratulations on a job well done!

Tenchi Karate is proud to announce that Bryce Wood was awarded the Student of the Month for January 2019.  Bryce is a fine young man who has worked very hard.  His technique has improved leaps & bounds and his focus is second to none.  Congratulations Bryce, you’re a very good karateka but more importantly you’re a fine young man!

Tenchi Karate started off 2019 with student evaluations. Ella Butler earned her 7th Kyu Blue belt with Leah Wood, Harmony Frost, & Bryce Wood being promoted to 8th Kyu ranks.  Congratulations to you all. You’re good martial artists, but more importantly, you’re great people!

Aiden Fricano was promoted to Yellow Belt today.  I first met Aiden and his family at a charity breakfast in Marcellus.  He was a polite and shy young man.  When he came to the dojo, he remained the same way but was eager to learn.  He listened & absorbed everything.  His kicks & punches needed work but he persevered and kept on working hard.  As his technique & confidence grew, his shyness dissipated. He has become a fine kata man & has a bright future in karate.  Two thumbs up for Aiden!

Landyn Young was also promoted to Yellow Belt.  Landyn is one of the finest young men I know. He has a punch that can knock your lights out but is tempered with a heart of gold.  His technique & confidence improves with every class that passes and he is a joy to teach.  Congratulations Landyn. You are the man!

Ryan & Ethan Lauffer were promoted to Sankyu & Yonkyu respectively for their hard work & dedication to Meibukan Goju-ryu.  They are my most senior students for excel not only in karate but in their academics.  We are extremely proud of them. Congratulations!
Kenadie MacDerment was promoted today for all her dedication & excellence in our martial way.  Kenadie is a devoted Meibukan Goju-Ryu student who strives for perfection in everything she does.  I am privileged to instruct her & know she will be standing besides me in the front of the dojo in the future.  Way to go Kenadie.  We’re lucky to have you!



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