Meitetsu Yagi  (January 1, 1949  Р)

Meitoku Yagi’s second son. Started training at 5 years old.

At 16 years of age earned his black belt in both judo & karate.

1983; founded the Meibukan Nagat Dojo.

1995; appointed President of the Hombu Dojo in Naha, Okinawa.

Founder of the Meibukai Hombu Hambukai Association.

1997-2001; President of the Okinaway Goju-Kai. President of all All Okinawa Karate-do Association.

Dec. 2001 awarded 10th Dan by his father, Successor to Dai Sensei and awarded his belt and karate gi as well as Chojun Miyagi’s belt and karate gi.

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