Meitoku Yagi

21st Generation/descendant of the first 36 Chinese families that immigrated to Okinawa from China.

1926; learned Goju-ryu from legendary founder, Chojun Miyagi and was taught all the kate in the Goju-ryu syllabus beacuse of all his hard work and dedication.

1952; was given permission by Miyagi to open his own dojo called Meibukan which translated means, “house of the pure-minded warrior.

1970-1980’s developed a series of forms named Meibuken kata reflecting the Chinese roots and his time spent studying here.

1986; named a Living National Treasure (Nigen Kokuho) by Emperor Hirohito for his contributions to the martial arts.

200; released an autobiography entitled ” The Life Drama of the man, Meitoku”.

At the time of his death he was considered as the most senior karateka in the world and was beloved by Okinawans and all who met him.

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