Tenchi Karate was established to provide a safe place where one can learn the art of karate, have fun in the experience, make a commitment to that learning, and use the knowledge as an instrument to an improved self, family, and community.  Students will leave the dojo with an experience that will last a lifetime.
Okinawan Goju-ryu is a self-defense system that provides you with the ability to defend yourself in most situations. You will learn proper punching and kicking techniques as well as joint locks and pressure points to control an assailant. Okinawan Goju-ryu training fosters self-confidence, self respect, and physical coordination. These qualities can improve your everyday activities inside and outside the dojo.

Tenchi Dojo Oath

We are proud to study the spirit of Goju-ryu.
We shall always practice courtesy.
We shall be quick to seize opportunity.
We shall always practice patience.
We shall always keep the fighting spirit of karate.

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