Thomas Maloney

1977; began training in the Urban Goju system under William Grady ( a direct student of Peter Urban and Alberto Gotay) at the New Rochelle High School of Religion (Relig) Dojo at Holy Family Parish in New Rochelle, NY.

1983; earned his Shodan (First degree black belt).

1985; the Relig Dojo at St. Gabriel’s High School was handed down to him and G. Neil Scott where they taught USA Goju to numerous students.

1989-2008; opened a second dojo in Millbrook, NY then later relocated to the Town of Union Vale, NY where he conducted numerous karate tournaments for the USA Goju / North Eastern Martial Arts Council (NEMAC) organization.

Served two terms as NEMAC President.

2007; received his Rokudan (6th degree black belt) from Hanshi Alberto Gotay at lona College in New Rochelle, NY.


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